Alaska Medicaid Program Changes, Clarifications, and Reminders

To assist providers, Alaska Medicaid communicates program changes and provides clarifications and reminders as necessary to ensure program compliance. Revisions and clarifications have been incorporated into applicable provider billing manuals.

Providers are encouraged to review all changes, clarifications, and reminders impacting their provider type within the last 60 days.


06/06/2019 Procedure Code A6250 Payment Methodology Guidance Effective July 2, 2019
Impacted Provider Types: Medical Suppliers
05/31/2019 Providers Must Submit Original (Red) CMS-1500, UB-04, and ADA (J434) Claim Forms
Impacted Provider Types: Providers that submit paper claims
05/21/2019 Procedure Code Required on Nonemergency Ground Transportation Claims
Impacted Provider Types: Providers that operate taxis, wheelchair vans, buses, or ferries
05/14/2019 Members Must Give Hotels Correct Check-in and Check-out Dates
Impacted Provider Types: Providers that arrange travel for members









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