Reference Materials


Title Published
ADA 2012 Claim Form Instructions 08/03/2018
Ambulance Clinical Criteria 06/29/2020
Automated Voice Response Guide 09/24/2019
Bright Futures/American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care
CMS-1500 Version 02/12 Claim Form Instructions 06/02/2020
CMS-1500 Version 02/12 Claim Form Instructions for Transportation and Accommodation Providers 06/26/2020
Companion Guides
Durable Medical Equipment Face-to-Face Requirements 06/01/2017
Electronic Attachment Quick Reference 01/03/2017
Exception Code Lookup
Fee Schedules
How to Request AK-04 Travel Voucher Forms 03/05/2019
How to Subscribe to Receive Public Notices 07/23/2018
Immunization Administration Billing: CPT 90460 and 90461 01/03/2017
Julian Calendar
Medicaid Compliance Notice: Billing Procedures for Dental-Related Operating Room Services 10/30/2018
Medicaid Compliance Notice: Community Health Aide/Practitioner Supervision and Reimbursement 06/28/2017
Medicaid Compliance Notice: Medical Justification Requirements for Dental Anesthesia and Sedation 02/15/2018
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Cost of Gloves Used by Assisted Living Home Employees 03/14/2016
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Genetic Testing 12/28/2018
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Long Acting Reversible Contraception 02/05/2019
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Newborn Bloodspot Screening 10/22/2018
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Non-Coverage of Immediate Dentures, Wait Times, and Service Limitations 10/19/2016
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Non-Emergent Out of Area Travel 05/01/2015
Medicaid Policy Clarification: Office Consultations via Telemedicine Applications 03/30/2017
Medicaid Policy Update: Changes to Dental Service Authorizations 05/31/2018
Medicaid Policy Update: Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Delivery 09/01/2017
Medical Pharmacy Claims Billing: NDC Requirements and Policy Guidance (Revised) 04/29/2020
Medicaid Policy Update: Spinal Muscular Atrophy Carrier Screening 12/28/2018
Medicaid State Plan
Medicaid Waiver COCA Billing Instructions for Licensed Assisted Living Homes 07/07/2020
Medicaid Waiver COCA Billing Instructions for Waiver Providers 07/07/2020
Online Remittance Advice and EFT Payment Options 01/03/2017
Orthodontic Services Statement of Coverage (effective 05/01/2016) 03/31/2016
Overview of Changes to Alaska Medicaid Regulations: Recordkeeping, Self-Reviews, and Audits 05/29/2018
Provider Enrollment Fee FAQs 10/01/2018
Provider Documentation Requirements 05/29/2018
Quick Reference: Adjusting and Voiding Electronic Claims 01/03/2017
Quick Reference: Searching for Service Authorizations in Health Enterprise 01/03/2017
Reading Dental Adjustment Claims 01/03/2017
Reading Institutional Adjustment Claims 01/03/2017
Reading Professional Adjustment Claims 01/03/2017
Recommendations for Pediatric Oral Health Assessment, Preventive Services, and Anticipatory Guidance/Counseling
Requesting Service Authorizations Online 01/03/2017
Requesting Transportation Authorizations by Phone 01/03/2017
TPL Carrier Lookup
Transaction Control Numbers Breakdown 07/16/2019
UB-04 Claim Form Instructions 06/02/2020